Accepted Papers

Marieke Huisman, Vladimir Klebanov and Rosemary Monahan
On the Organisation of Program Verification Competitions

Florian Merz, Carsten Sinz and Stephan Falke
Challenges in Comparing Software Verification Tools for C

Bernhard Beckert and Sarah Grebing
Evaluating the Usability of Interactive Verification Systems

Pascal Cuoq, Florent Kirchner and Boris Yakobowski
Benchmarking static analyzers

Jean-Christophe Filliatre, Andrei Paskevich and Aaron Stump
The 2nd Verified Software Competition: Experience Report

Roberto Bruttomesso and Alberto Griggio
Broadening the Scope of SMT-COMP: the Application Track

Zheng Cheng, Rosemary Monahan and James Power
A Simple Complexity Measurement for Software Verification and Software Testing

Olivier Roussel
Behind the Scene of Solvers Competitions: the "evaluation" Experience